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Responsive Booking Page

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*If you use the property slider or property picture and have "Style" set to "Full width" you will need to make sure the slider/pictures position is set to row 1 position 1, desktop full widht and mobile full width. There should be no other module in row 1. Also make sure you deactivate all modules which you do not use.
*If you use yourwon domain Google Maps can require an API key. You can obtain an API key from Google and enter it here, usually a free key is sufficient.
*A link to policies on your web site can be please wherever you can enter descriptive texts. You can set up a "custom question" (Type= Checkbox, Use=Obligatory) in SETTINGS->PROPERTIES->-BOOKING QUESTIONS. If required you can add a link for example: "I accept the <a href="" target="_blank">terms and conditions </a>." Replace with a link to the terms and conditions on your web site.

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