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*manually by yourself.
*imported from other channels by the channel manager.
=== Manually add a new booking ===
==== Icons ====
<span class="circle" >Tip</span> ''Enhance display of bookings with icons.''
1. Go to SETTINGS->ACCOUNT -> PREFERENCES and set "Booking Show Icons" = Show.
*Enter or change '''chargeable items''', '''payments''' or '''pending payments'''. Click on the + icon to add and enter a blank new row.
**Upsell Items which are created in SETTINGS->PROPERTIES->UPSELLING can be automtically automatically selected as charges.
**You can create invoice items for items sold on site in SETTINGS->GUEST MANAGEMENT-INVOICE "Invoice Items".
*To remove an item click on the ... menu and then choose "Delete".
*Under "Pending Payments" you can add amounts and due dates for schedule outstanding payments. Pending payments can be collected manually or automatically. This The option to charge automatically is available for customers who use [[Stripe|Stripe]]only.**For '''automatic charging''' set the "pending payment" to "auto" and enter a due date in the future. Auto payments run once per day. After the payment was collected you will see a status information on the "Info" tab. Successfull collections will be moved from "Pending Payments" to "Payments". **Channel collect payments with virtual cards can be set to be automatically collectedin the respective channel menu. **A manual charge to a card can be made if the credit card has been sent to Stripe by clicking on the ... menu and then clicking on "charge now". Successfull **In SETTINGS->GUEST MANAGEMENT->PAYMENT RULES you can create rules and info codes for pending payments. After the payment was collected you will see a status information on the "Info" tab. Successful collections will be moved from "Pending Payments" to "Payments".
The "Status" field can be used to specify the type of an item. Examples are payment methods or different VAT levelscategorizing items for reporting. You can preset your status values in SETTINGS->GUEST MANAGEMENT-INVOICE "Invoice Items".
By default the description of the lodging price displays room name, check-in date and check-out date. You can change what is displayed there in SETTINGS->GUEST MANAGEMENT-INVOICE "Invoice Item Room Description".
=== Invoice ===
In the tab ''INVOICE'' you can generate and print an Invoice.
*The Customisation for the invoice can also be printed with a message you can specify under done SETTINGS -> GUEST MANAGEMENT -> INVOICE.
[[Media:Group-Invoice.png|view large]]
*If a booking required separate invoices (i.e. room charged to a company, extras charged to the guest) you can use the "Invoicee" function in SETTINGS -> GUEST MANAGEMENT -> INVOICEE.
=== Mail ===
Direct booking can be cancelled by changing the status to "Cancelled". For bookings from channels the cancellation has to be made on the channel either by the guest or by the channel. If this is not possible you can change the status in Beds24 and set "Allow Channel Modifications" = No in the "Details" tab of the booking. This will stop the channel to override the status change but not actually cancel the booking in the channel.
You can allow guests to cancel bookings themselves. By default the system uses the policy you can set under SETTINGS -> PROPERTIES -> BOOKING RULES. You have the option to override these settings for offers (SETTINGS -> PROPERTIES -> ROOMS->OFFERS) or individual bookings. If you allow cancellations you can send your guests a link to let them cancel via the system without contacting you. Include the template variable [CANCELURL] into your e-mail confirmation message. When guests cancel a booking they will receive a system notification that the booking was cancelled. If required you can set up an additional Auto Action Email in SETTINGS -> GUEST MANAGEMENT -> AUTO ACTIONS.
=== Bulk Changes===

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