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Tips and tricks

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[[Category:How to]]
<div class="heading">Tips & Tricks</div>
This page shows a links to useful functions
''This page shows a links to useful functions'' ==Control panel use and customiszation==
[[Preferences|Switch to the new control panel]]
[[:Category:Sub_Account|Create additional logins with specific roles to manage access rights for staff members]]
=[[:Category:Dashboard#External_contentt|Show external content i.e. tasks, calendars, weather, on your Dashboard]] =Bookings==
[[Booking_Questions|Customise the information you collect from guests]]
[[:Booking.com_XML#Manage_Bookings|Report invalid cards or no-shows directly from the booking in Beds24 to]]
[[Yield_Optimiser|Automatically adjust prices based on predefined rules]]
[[Voucher_Codes|Use voucher codes to incentivice re-bookings ]]
[[Close_Rooms|Close rooms to make them unavailable]]
[[Channel_Inventory|Adjust inventory sent to channels]]
==Communication with guests==
[[Auto_Actions|Automatically send Emails to guests]]
[[|Connect to Mailchimp]]
[[:Category:Payment_Collection|Automatically send payment requests to guests]]
[[Bitpay|Allow guests to pay with bitcoin]]
[[Auto_Actions|Automatically send Emails to guests]]
[[Auto_Top_up_rooms|Auto top up rooms]]
==Optimize revenue==
[[Sell_Remaining_Single_Nights|Fill gaps in the calendar]]
[[:Category:Prices_and_Availabilityt|Get more bookings by showing more availability]]
[[:category:Reports#Graphs_and_Charts|Create custom charts and graphs for your dashboard]]
[[:Category:Reports|Generate custom reports for meals, transfers and other special requests from Guests]]
==Direct bookings==
[[Responsive_Bookingpage|Make your booking page blend seamlessly into your web site]]

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