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Upsell Items

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=== Obligatory Percentage Tax ===
The obligatory percentage tax type is like the Obligatory Percentage type except it that it will be added to the "Price" field and the "Tax" field in the "Charges and Payments" tab the booking.
If the tax only applies on the room and does not accumulate with other taxes set "per" = Room
== Refundable==
Under "Period" upsell items can be set to be "Refundable". Refundable upsell items work like obligatory upsell items but are not sent to comparison sites like Trivago or Tripadvisor.
== Refund Protect==
You can offer your guests an option to purchase Refund Protect on non refundable bookings. Use [[Refund_Protect|this help page]] and the <span style="color:#007bff;“ >{{#far:question-circle}} </span> context help for more information.
= Description =
= Order of the Items =
The order in which the items are defined in the control panel is important for percentage calculations.
With the exception of per room percentages, percentage items are applied to the room price and any items above it.

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