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<div class="heading">Messages</div>
This page is about the menu MESSAGES andexplains and explains how to view and answer messages from OTAs directly from Beds24.
=Supported OTA's =
Please check the channels help pages for further information.
You can communicate with Airbnb guests directly from Beds24. does not support HTML therefore we recommend you add a plain text version to your Auto Actions.
The messages You and your guests will be added to see the Airbnb reservation message threadmessages in Messaging Center. supports attachments in JPG format.
Currently messaging with guests from has following limitations:
*Guests must click on "View Messages" in the email to login to and answer from there.
*If a guest hits "reply" on E-mail they received from, does not send the reply to Beds24 and will also not make the reply available in

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