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Custom CSS

683 bytes added, 20 June
=== Add a border around the selected dates===
<code>.datestay{border: 1px solid #2f2f2f !important;}</code>
<span class="" style="color: #f3e504; font-size: 250150%;" >{{#fas:lightbulb}} </span> If you use split dates the CSS is:
<code>.prevdatestay, .datestay{border: 1px solid #2f2f2f !important;}</code>
=== Hide option to collect credit cards from Booking page if you want to use this option only for requests via Email===
<code>.bp2bookcollectpayment .panel-pay-card{display:none;}</code>
=== Hide "Print Booking" on the confirmation screen===
=== Hide "Click here to make another booking" on the confirmation screen===
=== Adjust alignment for RTL languages (Arabic, Hebrew)===
===Hide "Settings" icon in left column===
<code>.#c3sidebarCollapse{display: none !important;} {display: none;}</code>
===Hide "Price Checker Tool" button===
<code>.b24btn_PriceCheck {display: none}</code>
===Hide "Try the new calendar" link===
<code>.tryTheNewCalendar {display: none;}</code>
== Dynamic Multi-Calendar ==
===Hide suitcase icon (add booking) from CALENDAR===
<code>.icon-suitcase, .fa-suitcase {display:none}</code>
===Hide button 'Add Booking' from CALENDAR===
Please note: This will not hide the title column (Vat %). See for yourself if you can live with it.
====Prevent invoice items being deleted====
<code>.tr_invoicee .btn-danger, #groupinvoicebulkaction option[value="1"] {display:none !important;}</code>
====Prevent manual entry of charge items ====
=== Hide potential issue "Less than 12 months available"===
<code>.warninglessthan12monthsavailable{ display: none}</code>
=== Hide potential issue "Too many guests in booking xxxxx"===
<code>..warningunitnotassigned{ display: none}</code>
=== Hide 'Template 2' from Guest Management > Booking Templates ===

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