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Auto Actions

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*Booking Source = All
*Booking Status = All but not cancelled
Booking tab:
<div class="mw-collapsible mw-collapsed">
<div class="headline-collapse" >  ====Send an email to the Owner when a payment FAILS at Stripe====</div><div class="mw-collapsible-content"> Trigger tab:*Trigger Event = After Booking*Trigger Time = Immediate*Trigger Window = 365*Booking Source = All*Booking Status = All but not cancelled*Booking Info Code = STRIPEFAIL, CARDFAILSTRIPE Messaging tab:*Send Message = Internal*Internal Email Address = enter the email address to receive the notification*Subject = Failed Stripe Payment*HTML Box = Enter the text to be sent, you can use template variables in this message, for example  [BOOKID] - booking reference number[GUESTNAMES] - name of all guests in the booking on the "summary" tab of the booking[FIRSTNIGHT][LASTNIGHT] Booking tab: (optional)*Execution = One time only*Flag Text = Stripe Payment Failed*Flag Colour - choose the flag colour</div></div> <div class="mw-collapsible mw-collapsed"><div class="headline-collapse" > 
====Apply a flag to bookings and auto report the Credit Card when a payment FAILS at Stripe====


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