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Add a Picture Slider to the Booking Page

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'''Add a picture slider to show a gallery of pictures one at a time'''
Beds24 supports flexslider 2 by
The pictures can be uploaded to Beds24 using the PICTURES menu or hosted on your own server. Very Important is that they are hosted securely using https Note: if they are not security warning about insecure content will be shown This function in built into the browser. The slider can be shown in any position responsive version of the booking page which allows user HTML content.  '''Instructions''' *Step 1 Copy and save the following script to the "Insert in HTML <HEAD>" setting on the BOOKING PAGE >> ADVANCED menu. <pre><link rel="stylesheet" href="include/flexslider/2.0/flexslider.css" /><script defer src="include/flexslider/2.0/jquery.flexslider-min.js"></script><script type="text/javascript">$(window).load(function(){$('.flexslider').flexslider({directionNav: false});})</script></pre> You can change the flexslider javascript options, Please see for more information about flexslider  *Step 2 Copy the following HTML to the position you want the slider to appearthese [[Responsive_Booking_Page|instructions]]. It can be any HTML content setting area for the booking page. It is very important to enter the HTML using source mode of the built in editor otherwise the HTML may not save correctly. Change the SRC value of the IMG tags to the URL of pictures you want to display. If the pictures are hosted at Beds24 you will find the URL in the PICTURES menu.You can choose the number and order of the pictures. If the pictures are different sizes you can use WIDTH and HEIGHT settings in the image tags to standardise them. <pre><div class="flexslider"><ul class="slides"><li><img src="" /></li><li><img src="" /></li><li><img src="" /></li></ul></div></pre> The pictures will display individually without a slider in the control panel SETTING editor but should now be displaying properly in a slider on your booking page. The size of your pictures should be optimised to the size of your slider for best performance and fast page loading times. If the picture file sizes are large the booking page will be slower to open. The default slider still works if it is displayed in a hidden element, for example "room more details" but some slider options may not work and the size of the containing div may need to be specified so the slider can render at the correct size when it opens. For example use something like the following to force a fixed size. <pre><div class="flexslider" style="width:240px;height:180px"><ul class="slides"><li><img src="" /></li><li><img src="" /></li><li><img src="" /></li></ul></div></pre>

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