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Make Your Own Booking Widget

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[[Category:How to]]
''This page explains how to create your own booking widget''
== Introduction ==
Making your own booking widget is not hard. It only involves opening the booking page and optionally passing some information to it.
<input type="submit" value="Book Now">
== Widget for specific dates ==
1. Customise widget, then generate code.
[[Media:Custom-Widget1.png|view large]]
[[Media:Custom-Widget2.png|view large]]
2. The code consists of three parts. Identify the <script></script> and delete it.
[[Media:Custom-Widget3.png|view large]]
3. Customise the content of the selects to only contain the dates you want to offer. In this example is for a booking strip for December 1st 2015 3 nights.
[[Media:Custom-Widget4.png|view large]]
4. Paste the code into the source code of your web site
[[Media:Custom-Widget5.png|view large]]

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