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If you have activated one or more of these modules:
*Room Description 1 *Room Description 2 ("Room more Details" on the adaptive booking page) *Offer Description 1 ("Offer Summary" on the adaptive booking page)*Offer 2 Description 2 ("Room Offer more Details" on the adaptive booking page)*Marketing Column
Go to SETTINGS->BOOKING PAGE->ROOM CONTENT to enter the content for the modules.
NOTE: Some of these settings might be moved. This help page will always have the current location for each setting.
== Switching from Adaptive Booking Page to Responsive Booking Page ==
If you are switching from the adaptive version of the booking page to the responsive version most customisations will be automatically applied. Descriptive texts will automatically be entered.   {| class="wikitable"| '''Setting Adaptive Booking Page''' || '''Setting Responsive Booking Page''' |-|Page Header || Ical|- |}

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