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Iframe Resizing

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== Introduction ==
This is a third party code project which can be installed on your booking page and your web site to autocratically automatically resize the iframe containing your booking page to fir the fit its contentwithout using scroll bars.
For support using Beds24 can not answer questions about this code , for support please refer to the developersite:
== Your web page ==
Refer to the develpers developers web site for a full set of options, instructions and problem solving.
Obtain the file iframeResizer.min.js and copy it to your web server.
Make sure to use the same version number as the iframeResizer.contentWindow.min.js which has been added to included on the booking page.
The file can be downloaded from github the developer site or from
Remove any height parameter from your iframe and add the script after the plugin, if necessary change the src path to the location of your iframeResizer.min.js file

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