Title:Accessing Properties from multiple Accounts

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This page explains how to access properties from more than one account

Using Property - Account Linking

The Manage Property menu in the Sub Accounts menu contains a setting which allows the property to be visible in any account. Go to this menu for the property you want to share and see "Make Property Available in Multiple Accounts"

Sub Accounts

Sub accounts appear in a selector list. Choose the sub account which should have access to this property and click save. The property will be instantly visible in the other account. The property can be made available to multiple accounts.

External Accounts

The property can also be made available to accounts which are not sub accounts. In this case enter the external accounts Association Code and save. The association code for each account or sub account can be found at the SETTINGS - > ACCOUNT >LINK menu.

Removing Access

To remove access immediately, click the "Remove" button next to the account you want to remove.