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Synchronising Beds24.com with your Wimdu calendar



  • Beds24.com can export inventory
  • Beds24 can send a room price
  • Beds24 can send a minimum stay
  • Beds24.com can import bookings

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The prices sent are room price per night and one minimum stay. If there are multiple prices for different minimum stay the price for the shortest minimum stay will be sent.

Before you connect


Make sure your have rates or daily prices for he "Max. Occupancy" which are activated for Wimdu.

Rooms and room types

If you have room types with a quantity greater one in other channels you can set up virtual roooms

What you will need

The Beds24 Calendar URL (Import Calendar) as supplied in the Beds24 channel manager settings menu for each room.

The Wimdu Export Calendar URL as supplied by Wimdu.



Enable the Inventory, Bookings and Prices checkbox for each room you want to synchronise and click save.

Enter the Wimdu Export calendar URL into the Beds24 Export Calendar setting

We have no control over how often Wimdu update calendars. It can be as slow as once per day. 
Consider setting Wimdu to requests rather than confirmed bookings.

Price Multiplier

If you want to add a multiplier to your prices, for example because the channel requires a different currency to your Beds24 currency, add a * followed by the multiplier number in the "Multiplier" field.

For example a hotel id setting *1.23 will multiply all prices by 1.23 sent. (i.e. raised by 23%) Lower prices can be sent with a multiplier less than 1, i.e. *0.85 will send a price 85% of the normal price (i.e. lowered by 15%)

To convert the price of bookings imported from the channel add a * after the multiplier, for example *1.23* will divide the price of the booking by 1.23.

You can also use currency conversion template variable. All currencies supported by the booking page currency selector can be used.

For example *[CONVERT:IDR-EUR] will convert Indonesian Rupees to Euros.


  • Log into Wimdu and go to your Listing and your calendar view.
  • Go to Import and synchronize your calendar.
  • Enter the Beds24 Import Calendar URL in the URL field and click import.