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This page is about the menu SETTINGS->APPS & INTEGRATIONS->ARRIVALS

This page explains how to connect to a system which has set up a connection to Beds24 via the Beds24 Arrivals API.

For Beds24 the normal channel manager fees apply.

1 Capabilities

Beds24 will send booking data to the integration partner.

The integration partner can send info codes back to Beds24.

2 Set Up

2.1 Beds24

  • Copy the "Access Key"
  • Set how many days before check-in the bookings should be sent. 0 will only send bookings with check-in today only. 1 will send bookings with check-in today and tomorrow.
  • Set if you want to include personal data in in the data transfer.
  • Tick "Enable".

2.2 Integration partner

  • Forward the "Access key" to the integration partner

For further instructions contact the integration partners support.

3 Common Problems

4 Disconnect

Untick "Bookings" to stop sending bookings.