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Arrivals API
This page is about the menu  (SETTINGS) APPS & INTEGRATIONS > ARRIVALS

This page explains how to connect to a system which has set up a connection to Beds24 via the Beds24 Arrivals API.

For Beds24 the normal channel manager fees apply.

1 Capabilities

The Arrivals integration allows external services to access data about your upcoming arrivals. Typical services which can use this data are door lock systems, concierge systems and systems which require access to guest data before or during their stay.

Beds24 will send booking data to the integration partner.

The integration partner can send info codes back to Beds24 to be stored with individual bookings.

2 Set Up

2.1 Beds24

  • Copy the "Access Key"
  • Set how many days before check-in the bookings should be sent. 0 will only send bookings with check-in today only. 1 will send bookings with check-in today and tomorrow.
  • Set if you want to include personal data in in the data transfer.
  • Tick "Enable".

2.2 Integration partner

  • Forward the "Access key" of each property you wish to connect to the integration partner

For further instructions contact the integration partners support.

2.3 Common Problems

3 Disconnect

Untick "Enable" to disconnect the room and stop sending it's bookings.

4 Developers

This API will allow you to read upcoming bookings for a property and to write or modify Booking Info Items in those bookings.

For example, a door access system could read details of upcoming bookings and store a door unlock code in each booking so the code can be communicated to the guest.

4.1 API setup

Contact Beds24 for a merchant Key for the Arrivals API

Each property can generate an access Key at the menu (SETTINGS) Apps & Integrations > Arrivals "Access Key'

With the merchant key and the access key the following functions can be called on the property.

Only data from room types that have their synchronise tick box enabled will be included.

4.2 Get Bookings

This function will return all upcoming arrivals in the property as a JSON array.

The number of days in advance of check-in date that bookings are available is set at the menu (SETTINGS) Apps & Integrations > Arrivals "Days in Advance

Personal information like name, email etc. can be included in the data at the menu (SETTINGS) Apps & Integrations > Arrivals "Allow Personal Info

This function is suitable to call once per hour per property.

4.3 Set Booking

This function can write Booking Info Items into a booking.

If the booking info item already exists it will be modified.

Booking Info Items can be used for reporting and for triggering auto actions to perform further operations like sending email.

The room note and status can be set on the room containing the booking

4.4 Commercial

We can list your integration and product at

Contact us for details.