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1 Capabilities

  • can export Inventory
  • can export Multiple Rates
  • can import Bookings
  • can import Booking Modifications and Cancellations

2 Limitations

If you export inventory you will also need to export rates from Beds24. Rates can no longer be set within the extranet.


1) Initiate the XML connection from the property menu within the extranet and then do the Beds24 setup.

Here is information from about connecting.


1) Enter your Hotel Id into the Property Code setting and save.

2) Open the link to view Room, Rate Mapping for your property.

3) Identify the Room Id numbers for each room and enter them in the Room Code setting.

4) Identify the main Rate Id number for each room and enter this in the Rate Code setting.

5) If you have multiple rates for a room you can set the additional Rate Id codes directly in the appropriate Beds24 rates.

6) Make sure your rates have the XML channel enabled. If neccessary enter the Rate Id code or leave empty to use the value entered above in the Channel Manager Rate Code setting.

5 Activating

1) After all setup is complete open a support ticket to let us know you are ready.

2) Once we enable the connection at Beds24 you will receive an email allowing you to activate it (go live) from the extranet.

3) When you go live your rates and inventory will be deleted from and a full reload will occur from Beds24. You can use the "Send Update" button to speed this up.

4) Once updated, check all your values in the extranet for correctness and if required make any adjustments to the settings to fix.