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This page is about the menu  (SETTINGS) APPS & INTEGRATIONS->CHEKIN and explains how to set up a connection with Chekin


1 General Information

Chekin automate the guest identification and legal obligations.

  • Send guest forms automatically to the authorities.
  • Generate the mandatory statistical reports on demand.
  • Produce and store all documents required by law.

To use this service you will need an account with

For Beds24 the normal channel manger fees apply.

2 Capabilities

Beds24 can sends following booking information to Chekin:

  • Booking number
  • Number of guests in the booking group
  • Number of rooms
  • The "lead customer" name and E-mail address

3 Limitations

All bookings are sent to the connected "house" in Chekin because Chekin does not know rooms.

At the moment Chekin can not auto populate the Email address so it gets used.

4 Set Up

4.1 In Checkin

Use these instructions and contact Checkin support if you have questions.

4.2 In Beds24

  • Enter your Chekin username
  • Enter your Chekin password
  • Save
  • Click on the "Get the House ID Codes for this CheKin account" link to get your Checkin house ID
  • Enter your Chekin House ID, The House ID can be entered once for the property and left empty per room. Entering a House ID in the room will override the property value and can be used when each room has a different House ID.
  • SAVE
  • Tick "Bookings for the rooms you want to connect

4.3 How it works

When a booking is made or modified Beds24 will send information to Chekin.

The Chekin invitation URL will be stored in an info item called CHEKIN_URL in the booking. This can be sent to the guest by auto action and template variable.

The text of the info code CHEKIN_STATUS tells you the status of the booking in Chekin.

If you choose not to send modifications, the booking will not be resent while it contains the CHEKIN_URL info code, if you delete the info code from the booking and delete the booking from Chekin, it will be able to resend.

5 Common Problems

6 Disconnect

  • Untick "Bookings" to stop sending bookings.