Dorms on Airbnb

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Sell dorms on Airbnb
This page explains how to create a virtual room with one bed to map to a DORM for

Airbnb does not support dorms. We can not send how many beds are available. If one bed is available Airbnb will allow a booking for all beds in the dorm which will cause overbookings.

Example: You have a room type (dorm) with multiple individual beds (Unit Allocation = one per guest) connected to room types at a channel or your own web site. You also want to sell them on or other channel that requires a bed/unit.

It is assumed you already have setup the room type with the number of beds, if not, create this first. See the details of how to setup dorms.

1. Create individual beds

Go to SETTINGS->PROPERTIES->ROOMS->SETUP and create a new room for each bed you want to sell on Airbnb with following settings:

  • Quantity =1
  • Unit Allocation = one per booking
  • Maximum guests = 1
  • Sell Priority = Hide (to not show the bed on your own booking page)
  • Overbooking Protection =Property

Set up one for each bed you want to sell on Airbnb.

2. Set dependencies

Go to SETTINGS->PROPERTIES->ROOMS->DEPENDENCIES and use the following settings

For the rooms created for the individual beds:

  • Requires Availability in = Dorm.
  • Combination Logic = 1 unit must be available
  • Dependency Level = Ignore Sub Dependencies
  • Assign Bookings to = Dorm
  • Use Prices from = The individual bed/unit can have their own rates and prices or you can set them up to use the prices from the dorms.

For the dorm:

  • Do not set any "Availability Dependency". Leave "Assign Bookings" set to "This Room" (the default).


If you manually add a booking you need to do this in the "DORM" room not in the individual room/bed.

It is possible that a booking for a bed could be made where there is always an individual bed available but not the same one on each night. In this case the booking will remain in the room you created for the bed. It is normally possible to reassign the individual room bookings and then manually assign the booking booking to the resulting free space. If you cannot tolerate this situation, you should not be using this method.

Test dependencies carefully. If you are using dependencies please test thoroughly to make sure your set up reflects your rules. If you are connecting one physical room more than once to a booking channel you are risking overbookings.