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Facebook App


The App will create a custom "Book Now" tab which shows your booking page directly in Facebook. For an example visit our our Facebook page


Intstall the App

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  • Select the page you want to install the App on and click on "Add Tab".

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  • If asked enter the security code.
  • Go to your Facebook page and click on "Book Now".

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  • When you click on "Book Now" you will be asked if you want to show one property or multiple properties.

If you want to show a single properties enter your Beds24 property ID. You can find the property id number in your your account in SETTINGS->PROPERTIES->DESCRIPTION.

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Please make sure you enter the your correct property ID. Facebook stores the data in cookies on your pc which makes it remember the old settings.

If you want to show multiple properties enter your Beds24 account number. You can find the account number in your your account in SETTINGS->ACCOUNT.

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Please make sure you enter your correct account number. Facebook stores the data in cookies on your pc which makes it remember the old settings.

  • Once the number is entered the App is active and your live booking page will be shown.

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Facebook allows you to change the settings for your tabs and add a picture. Please use the Facebook help for instructions how to do this.

If you entered a wrong number we will need to reset your account. Please open a support ticket with a link to your Facebook page. NOTE: Resetting accounts is an extra service for which we will need to charge a fee.
Note if you are using your own domain: Facebook will block the display if the page is not SSL secured. 

Mobile Devices

Currently Facebook does not show custom tabs on mobiles. We suggest you add a "Book Now" Call-to-Action button which will also display on mobile devices.

Track bookings

All bookings from Facebook have the referrer facebook.

For conversion tracking you an add the facebook tracking pixel image in your "on screen confirmation message". This will only show it after the booking is confirmed.

Discounts for guests booking on Facebook

To offer a discount you can use the referrer discount in the "Discounts" tab of the rate. The referrer code to enter is facebook.