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Google Calendar API
This page is about the menu  (SETTINGS) CHANNEL MANAGER > GOOGLE CALENDAR API and explains how to connect to Googles Calendar API

1 Capabilities

This connection allows an instant two-way sync with Google Calendars.

  • can export bookings to Google Calendar as events.
  • can import events from Google Calendar as bookings.

The Google Calendar API connection updates faster than an iCal connection. Use this connection to sync with Google Calendars instead of iCal.

2 Limitations

Changes need to be made at the origin of the booking:

  • Changes to booking which were created in Google and were imported from the Google Calendar need to be made in Google. Beds24 will then import the change and update the booking.
  • Changes to bookings which origin from Beds24 or an OTA need to be changed where they were made. Beds24 will then update the change to Google Calendar.

Only one property from Beds24 can be connected to the same Google Calendar. If you want to connect several properties, you need to have several different Google Calendars.

3 Setup

Step 1: Authentication

  • Click the "Connect Google Calendar" link.
  • Sign in to your Google account if prompted.
  • Click "Allow" on the "Calendar API wants to access your Google Account" screen.

Step 2: Map your rooms to calendars

  • Click "Get codes" and fill the field with the calendar you want to connect to this room.

Step 2: Choose in "Synchronization" what you want to synchronize'

  • "import and export" is a two-way connection which will import bookings originally entered in the Google Calendar to Beds24 and export bookings from Beds24 to Google Calendar.
  • "import only" is a one-way connection which will only import bookings originally entered in the Google Calendar to Beds24.
  • "export only" is a one-way connection which will only export bookings from Beds24 to Google Calendar.

If "Blocked Date Summary" is not empty, dates blocked in Beds24 for reasons other than a booking will be exported to the Google calendar with this summary.

Step 4: Customize data sending (optional)

Click on "Edit" for the room and customise what gets exported or imported.

  • By default the start time for exported bookings is 14:00 local time and end time for exported bookings is 10:00 local time. You have the option to replace these times with your check-in and check-out times.
  • The Summary, Description and Location of each event can be customized using text and Template Variables.
  • Prevent certain events from being imported.

4 Troubleshooting

5 Disconnect

Set "Sync Type" = Disabled to stop syncing the room.