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You have the option to customise the look and content of your of your booking page under SETTINGS -> BOOKING PAGE

  • PAGE DESIGN lets you change colours and fonts
  • If you want to use pictures you can upload them under PICTUES and later insert them
  • ROOM DESCRIPTIONS lets you enter general information about your room and descriptions of your prices. Price 1 is the description for the rate which gets displayed first. If you leave the setting blank only a button will display. Put pictures and information you want to be visible immediately here. You have the option to offer one room for up to four different prices eg. packages or discountes conditional rates. To display the additional prices you go to Price2, Price 3, Price4 and enable them.
  • BOOKING QUESTIONS define what information you request your guests to enter. You can fully customise these to your needs.
  • CONFIRMATION MESSAGES - by default the system will display a confirmation on the screen and send out a confirmation Email to your guest. You have the option to customise these messages.