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This page is about the menu SETTINGS->BOOKING PAGE->PAGE DESIGN

You have the option to customise the look and content of your of your booking page under SETTINGS -> BOOKING PAGE -> PAGE DESIGN



This the general layout of your page. You can choose to display either a Room Availability Calendar or define a number of Price Columns or show just your information and a booking button.

  • If you choose a Room Availability Calendar set the "Number of Price Columns" to "0".
  • If you want to show just your information set "Show Room Availability Calendar" to "No" and "Number of Price Columns" to "0".
  • If want to use Price Columns' you can enable a Marketing Column. Your booking page will show an extra column which can be used to display list prices or other information.


Change colours and fonts


Customise the top and/or bottom section of your booking page for example with a logo, picture, information, link to terms & conditions etc.


Define how the booking page opens and closes.