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== '''Coming Soon!''' ==
This  page explains how to use and customise the responsive version (beta) of the booking page.
The design of the responsive booking page is fully modular. This allows you to fully control the layout. We provide a set of default layouts which can be used as they are.
== '''1. Use Responsive Booking Page'''==
Go to SETTINGS->BOOKING PAGE and select "Booking Page Version" = Responsive. This setting will activate Layout 1.
If you are switching from the adaptive version of the booking page to the responsive version most customisations will be automatically applied.
== '''2. Choose a different Layout'''==
.... to the layout you want to use.
== '''3. Customise Layouts''' ==
Go to SETTINGS->BOOKING PAGE->PAGE DESIGN->LAYOUT. Choose the layout you want to use and click on "Customise".
== Choose what you want to show ==
The responsive  booking page consists of sections:
"Offer" contains the standard offer for a room or unit.
*One offer will always be shown
*Additional offers (for example for alternative non refundable prices or packages) are optional
*All other sections are optional.
[[Media:sections.jpg|view large]]
For each section you can choose from a set of modules.
'''Property modules'''
File:sections.jpg|Item 1
File:sections.jpg|Item 1[[Media:sections.jpg|view large]]
File:sections.jpg|Item 1
File:sections.jpg|Item 1
File:sections.jpg| ''italic caption''
File:sections.jpg|Item 1
Position:  Modules are placed in rows.  Each section can have one or more rows.
Width on desktop and mobile: Each row which consists of 12 columns. The number of columns defines the width of the module.
[[Media:row.png|view large]]
Click on "Manage" to customise the settings or content of a module.
Note: Some modules like sliders, picture gallery, header, footer and summaries and texts will only display if content is added. If you are not seeing content for a module use the "Manage" button to check your settings.
== Colors and Fonts ==
To customise colors and fonts go to SETTINGS->BOOKING PAGE->PAGE DESIGN->STYLE
== Behaviour ==
Changes on how the booking page opens and closes can be made in SETTINGS->BOOKING PAGE->PAGE DESIGN->BEHAVIOUR
== Content ==
Additional messages can be added to the booking page in SETTINGS->BOOKING PAGE->PAGE DESIGN->CONTENT. This is also where you can change the default warning messages which show when a room is not available.
== Developers ==
Advanced functions are available in SETTINGS->BOOKING PAGE->DEVELOPER
*If you are comfortable working with CSS you can apply your own styles
*Add scripts e.g. for Google Analytics
*Exchange any fixed text on the booking page
[[:category:Developers |Here]] you can find more developer options.

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