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Every module has additional settings which allow you to tailer the disply to your requirement. They are available when you click on "Manage".  
Every module has additional settings which allow you to tailer the disply to your requirement. They are available when you click on "Manage".  
''' Demo''' This [https://www.beds24.com/booking2.php?propid=24226 demo] gives you an overview on the mayor modules.  
'''Demo''': This [https://www.beds24.com/booking2.php?propid=24226 demo] gives you an overview on the mayor modules.  

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This  page explains how to use and customise the responsive version of the booking page.

1 Add booking widget to your web site

In SETTINGS->BOOKING PAGE->BOOKING WIDGETS you can choose from a range of widgets

Go to SETTINGS->BOOKING PAGE->BOOKING WIDGETS->IFRAME to generate the code to embed the booking page into your web site. Use the context help (?icons) for information about the iFrame settings.

2 Set up and customise responsive booking page

2.1 Concept

The design of the responsive booking page is modular allowing you to fully control the layout.

2.1.1 Modules

Modules can be added an removed. They have advanced settings so you can tailor the display exactly to your needs. For most modules content needs to be added so they can display. Available modules are:

  • Picture slider or gallery for property, rooms and offers
  • Picture for property, rooms and offers
  • Featues for property and rooms
  • Availability calendar (one or multiple month) for for property, rooms and offers
  • Pricetable for offers
  • Descriptions for property, rooms and offers
  • Policies
  • Map

2.1.2 Templates

We provide a set of default templates with preset modules. You can use these templates as they are or customise them to suit your requirements.

The current default template is 7.

  • Template 1


    Offer: Picture Slider, Description 1 , Calendar, Booking Offer Select (Button/Selector)

    Property Bottom: Description 2

    View Demo

  • Template 2


    Property Top: Picture Slider

    Offer: Offer Select (Button/Selector), Price Table

    Property Bottom: Description 2

    View Demo

  • Template 3


    Room: Picture Slider, Description

    Offer: Price Table, Offer Select (Button/Selector), Picture Slider, Description 2

    Property Bottom: Description 2

    View Demo

  • Template 4


    Room Top: Picture Slider

    Offer: Picture, Description 1 , Calendar, Offer Select (Button/Selector), Description 2

    Property Bottom: Description 2

    View Demo

  • Template 5


    Property Top: Picture Slider

    Offer: Price Calendar, Offer Select (Button/Selector)

    Property Bottom: Description 2

    View Demo

  • Template 6


    Property Top: Description 1

    Offer: Offer Select (Button/Selector), Price Table

    Room Bottom: Picture Slider, Description

    View Demo

  • Template 7


    Property Top: Picture Slider
    Room: Features
    Offer: Offer Select (Button/Selector), Availability Calendar

    View Demo

    2.1.3 Layouts

    You can use up to six different layouts at the same time if you want to display different looks on different web sites or blogs.

    The Facebook app uses the "default" layout which is set in SETTINGS-BOOKING PAGE.

    2.2 Pictures

    To upload pictures go to SETTINGS->BOOKING PAGE->PICTURES. Assign them to the property, room or offer where you want to use them.

    2.3 Set up wizard

    This set up wizard guides you through the set up. Login with your username and password and follow the steps.

    2.4 Customise booking page

    To customise the the booking page go to SETTINGS->BOOKING PAGE->PAGE DESIGN->LAYOUT.

    If you do not want to use multiple layouts leave the selector for "Layout" there and the selector for "Default Layout" in SETTINGS->BOOKING PAGE and the selector set to 1.

    2.4.1 Change template

    Choose the template you want to use and then click on "Restore default".

    2.4.2 Customise modules

    The responsive booking page consists of sections: "Offer" contains the standard offer for a room or unit.

    • One offer will always be shown
    • Additional offers (for example for alternative non refundable prices or packages) are optional
    • All other sections are optional.

    Sections.jpg view large

    For each section you can choose from a set of modules. For most modules content needs to be added so they can display. Click on the context help (? icons) to see where you can enter the required content.

    Every module has additional settings which allow you to tailer the disply to your requirement. They are available when you click on "Manage".

    Demo: This demo gives you an overview on the mayor modules. 

    Property modules

    • If you use the property slider or property picture and have "Style" set to "Full width" you will need to make sure the slider/pictures position is set to row 1 position 1, desktop full widht and mobile full width. There should be no other module in row 1. Also make sure you deactivate all modules which you do not use.
    • A link to policies on your web site can be please wherever you can enter descriptive texts. You can set up a "custom question" (Type= Checkbox, Use=Obligatory) in SETTINGS->PROPERTIES->-BOOKING QUESTIONS. If required you can add a link for example: "I accept the <a href="http://www.mywebsite.de/agb" target="_blank">terms and conditions </a>." Replace www.mywebsite.de/agb with a link to the terms and conditions on your web site.

    Room modules

    Offer modules

    • The "Marketing Column" displays only in the modules "Price Table" and "Price Calendar". Go to SETTINGS->PROPERTIES->OFFERS to enter the content for the modules.
    • Offer Calendars and Price Calendars can not be used in the same layout. If you have multiple offers the calendar will show the same availability for all offers.

    Modules are placed in rows. Each section can have one or more rows.

    Width on desktop and mobile: Each row consists of 12 columns. The number of columns defines the width of the module.

    Row.png view large

    You can save your changes to this layout or under a different layout. The "Restore Default" option will remove all changes.

    2.4.3 Colors and fonts

    To customise colors and fonts go to SETTINGS->BOOKING PAGE->PAGE DESIGN->STYLE

    Current default setting are:

    Setting Value
    Body Background #f4f4f4
    Content Background #f4f4f4
    Content Text #424242
    Link Color #008acc
    Border Color #4dfdfdf
    Highlight Background From #ffffff
    Highlight Background To #ffffff
    Highlight Text #424242
    Form Background #ffffff
    Form Text #424242
    Selected Dates Background none
    Selected DatesText #222222
    Available Dates Background #f2f2f2
    Available Dates Text #424242
    Request Dates Background #dddddd
    Request Dates Text #777777
    Not Available Dates Background #f2dede
    Not Available Dates Text #a94442
    Button Style flat
    Button Background #008acc
    Button Text #ffffff
    Font Arial (Helvetica)
    Font Size 14px

    2.4.4 Behaviour

    Changes on how the booking page opens and closes can be made in SETTINGS->BOOKING PAGE->PAGE DESIGN->BEHAVIOUR

    3 Internationalisation

    3.1 Currency converter

    If you want to give guests the option to see your prices converted into other currencies you can activate a currency converter. Add for example &cur=EUR or &cur=USD to the URL to open the page with the conversion. If you are using Wordpress with a short code add cur=EUR or cur=USD to the short code. Go here for a complete list of currency codes.

    3.2 Multiple languages

    You can set your default language and activate multiple languages. Make sure you enter descriptive texts for all languages you want to use. If you are using an embedded booking page on a multilingual web site you can embed you booking page with a different default language for each language version. Click here for instructions.

    4 Additional options

    General settings which apply to all layouts like minimum/maximum number of guests, nights, type of price display etc. are in SETTINGS->BOOKING PAGE->PAGE DESIGN.

    4.1 Multiple or single room booking

    You can allow guests to book one room or unit, multiple rooms or units of give the the choice. The setting is available in SETTINGS->BOOKING PAGE->PAGE DESIGN.

    4.2 Allow enquiries when no price is found

    If you are using rates you can set "Allow Enquiry" = yes. This will allow the guest to send an enquiry if you have availability but the system can not find a price. If you generally want to accept only "Requests" instead of confirmed bookings go to SETTINGS->PROPERTIES->RULES and set your "Booking Type" = Request

    4.3 Add a logo to your page

    • Go to SETTINGS->BOOKING PAGE-> PICTURES and choose your file and import.
    • Scroll to the picture and click 'Manage', scroll to the bottom of the page and copy the URL.
    • Go to SETTINGS->BOOKING PAGE->PAGE DESIGN->CONTENT->Property Description 1
    • Click 'Edit', then find the 'Image' icon and paste the url into the URL box and add a description if necessary, resize as required, click OK. Use the other features to position the image as you required (centre, left, right).
    • Click Save.

    4.4 Additional messages and warnings

    Additional messages can be added to the booking page in SETTINGS->BOOKING PAGE->PAGE DESIGN->CONTENT. This is also where you can change the default warning messages which show when a room is not available.

    4.5 Add a TripAdvisor review widget

    Tripadvisor provides a code snippet for reviews.

    1. Copy the widget code from your TripAdvisor account.

    2. Add the code to your booking page

    You can add the code snippet into and editable field on the booking page. Click on "Edit" then in the editor on "Source" to insert the code into your booking pages source code.

    Make sure the module which you want to use is activated.

    4.6 Triptease price comparison widget

    To use this function you need an account withTriptease. For more information please see here.

    4.7 Cookie Consent

    You can use a tool like https://cookieconsent.insites.com/download/ to generate a script which you can add in SETTINGS->BOOKING PAGE ->DEVELOPERS "Advanced HTML Settings"

    5 Use multiple layouts

    You can use up to 6 different layouts at the same time.

    The default layout is defined in SETTINGS-BOOKING PAGE.

    If you want to use multiple layouts you can set the number you want to use them under before you save. To open another than the default layout add a parameter to the URL. Example:


    will display layout 2. If you are using Wordpress you can add a layout parameter to the shortcode as explained in the plugin settings.

    The Facebook app uses the "default" layout which is set in SETTINGS-BOOKING PAGE.

    6 Developer options

    Advanced functions are available in SETTINGS->BOOKING PAGE->DEVELOPER

    • If you are comfortable working with CSS you can apply your own styles
    • Add scripts e.g. for Google Analytics
    • Exchange any fixed text on the booking page

    Stripe and Paymill insert their button and can not be changed. To change the text of any of the other payment buttons you can place this code snippet into SETTINGS -> DEVELOPERS -> "Advanced HTML Settings".

    Custom Instruction: 
    <script type="text/javascript">
    $(document).ready(function() { $("#buttoncustominstruction").val("the new text"); }); 
    <script type="text/javascript">
    $(document).ready(function() { $("#buttonauthorizenet").val("the new text"); }); 
    <script type="text/javascript">
    $(document).ready(function() { $("#buttonpaypal").val("the new text"); }); 

    Here you can find more developer options.

    7 Multiple properties

    If you have multiple properties you can use the multiple property booking page to displays all properties in your account. It links to the property booking page where the actual booking is made.

    8 Change from adaptive to responsive booking page

    Go to SETTINGS->BOOKING PAGE and select "Booking Page Version" = Responsive. This setting will activate Layout 1.

    When you change from adaptive to responsive you need to assign your pictures again. Go to SETTINGS->BOOKING PAGE->PICTURES. Set the selector to the room then choose "Offer 1" and activate the picture/pictures you want to display. If you are using more than one offer repeat for each.

    NOTE: If you select "Booking Page Version" = Responsive your live web site will change to the new design. If you just want to have a look you can do this adding &version=3 to the URL of your booking page. To see the different layouts also add the layout number eg. &version=3&layout=2 will show you layout 2. Alternatively you can copy your property and use the copy for testing. If you do this make sure all channel manager connections are deactivated in the copy property. The normal monthly fee will apply for additional rooms so you might want to reduce the number of rooms in the copy property. When you are finished with the customisation you can use the "Clone Property" function in SUBACCOUNTS (top right menu) to apply the changes to your real property.