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* can export multiple prices
* can apply a price multiplier to prices
*Beds24 can send minimum stays
* can import Bookings
Example: *[CONVERT:IDR-EUR][/]0.85 will convert Indonesian Rupees to Euros and divides the price by 0.85 which raises it by circa 15%
===Minimum Stay===
Hostelworld accept one minimum stay per date which then applies to all rooms/dorms in the property.
Beds24 defines minimum stays at the room level so if you want to send a minimum stay you must make use of the 'Minimum Stay Source' setting in the Channel Manager choosing one room from the drop down list. The minimum stays from this room will then apply to the whole property at Hostelworld.
Note: The selected room in 'Minimum Stay Source' must be enabled and already sending inventory to Hostelworld.
== Check Connection ==

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