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Stripe - Collect the Guest credit card to collect the payment later.
 This page is about the menu  (SETTINGS) PAYMENTS > PAYMENT GATEWAYS > STRIPE and automatic payment collection.
This page explains how to setup your payment collection and collect the payment from the guest credit card saved at Stripe. 

1 Use

You can use this method if:

You have a Stripe account and you have connected it to your property.


You have bookings from your direct booking page.


You have bookings from booking Channels/OTAs.

If you are in the EU and/or have guests from the EU, you may need to comply with 3DSecure Payments, this will require you to send a payment link to the guest to make the payment directly.

2 How it works

Credit card details will be sent to Stripe and you can collect a payment. You can define the Payment Due date/time and the amount of the payment.

3 Set up

3.1 Step 1: Setup your Booking Rules for Payment Collection


  • Select “Booking Type” = Confirmed with credit card - card details are collected.


  • Days in Advance = Not used

3.2 Step 2: Setup Stripe Account


Stripe is compatible with the pending payments auto charge function and direct charging a stored card from bookings, when you connect via the ‘Connect’ Button.

  • Click Connect Button. If you have multiple Stripe Accounts, ensure you connect to the correct Stripe account in your Stripe dashboard.
  • Set Enable/Priority - if you plan to use multiple Payment gateways, set the number based on the order on the payment page.
  • Save all cards to Stripe = Yes.
  • Capture = Yes, for your Beds24 booking page, this will collect the payment at the time of the booking.
  • Payment Description - Description for Stripe payments, template variables can be used. This description will be seen in the STRIPE dashboard, this is not visible to the Guest.
  • Title - Customise the title for this payment option.
  • Instruction - Create an optional description to appear next to the Stripe pay now button.

3.3 Step 3: Create Auto Actions - Optional


If you want to automatically collect the payment from the guest credit card later, then you will need to setup Auto Actions. Alternatively you can collect the payment manually either in your Stripe Dashboard or using the Stripe button Charges & Payments Tab.

3.3.1 Auto Action - Automatically collect payment

For all bookings, Direct and Channel/OTAs.

Click Create New Action

Trigger tab:

  • Time
    • Trigger Event = Checkin
    • Trigger Time = -14 days (set the time you want to collect the payment)
    • Time Window = 14 days (set this to the same number (positive) as Trigger time.
  • Booking Source
    • Booking Source =All (this will apply to all bookings, direct, manual and channels)
If you want to have different auto actions/rules for direct bookings -v- channel bookings, then select ‘Direct’ this will include manually created bookings and booking page bookings. 
  • Booking Conditions
    • Group Booking Trigger = Trigger only Master
    • Status = All not cancelled
    • Invoice Balance= Not Zero (can be used to refine the auto action being triggered)
  • Info Codes
If you receive virtual credit cards from the channels, then enter the Booking Info codes to prevent additional pending payments being added to bookings.

Booking tab: Optional

  • Flag Text = Payment (for example)
  • Flag Colour = select the colour as this will be visible in the Calendar/Bookings list

Booking Info tab: Optional, for information and reporting

  • Booking Info Code = PAYMENT (for example enter the value - use one word only)
  • Booking Info Text = Enter the description/text to show in for the Booking Info Code.

Invoice tab:

ONLY use Payment Type =‘ Percent of Group balance due’ if you selected Trigger tab > Booking Conditions > Group Booking Trigger = Trigger Only Master.
  • Add a Pending Payment to the booking
    • Payment Type = Percent of Group Balance due (select on what the payment is calculated)
    • Description = the text you will see in the "Charges and Payments" tab
    • Status = if you use the status function add the status you want to apply to the pending payment (optional)
    • Amount = 100 (this will be 100% of the outstanding balance)
    • Payment Rule = Auto
    • Payment Due = Trigger date
    • Payment time = set the time to collect payment
    • Invoicee = If you use the "invoicee" function you can select which invoicee the pending payment will be assigned to.

3.4 Step 4: Manually collect payments via Stripe

To manually collect a payment using your Stripe Connection see here for instructions.