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Connect Beds24 with trivago Rate Connect

trivago Rate Connect allows you to promote your website rates on trivago and run cost-per-click campaigns.

1 General

1.1 Capabilities

  • can send price and availability to trivago
  • can send descriptive information about your property
  • Guests are sent to your booking page to make a direct booking

Note: The data communication is initiated by trivago. trivago pulls the data from Beds24 (we can not push data to trivago). That means that trivago sends us a request for prices and availability and we then send your data.

2 Limitations

  • trivago does not automatically activate all markets. If you have a market which is not activated please send us a support ticket.
  • You need to use the responsive version of the booking page if you activate markets which require a different currency than the currency your booking page uses.
  • You can only activate markets for which your booking page can display information in the appropriate language. This means that the markets language needs to be activated for the booking page and all descriptive information is provided in this language.

3 Set up on trivago

  • Log into your trivago account and go to RATE CONNECT. trivago will automatically detect Beds24 as your booking engine if your property information in Beds24 is exactly the same as in trivago. If Beds24 is not detected as an IBE, please contact trivago support.
  • Click on "Start Now" to start a campaign. You can find detailed information on how to set up a campaign in the trivago help.

4 Set up on

  • Make sure you have entered your address in the "Location" section in SETTINGS -> PROPERTIES -> DESCRIPTION. The address and the property name there needs to be exactly the same as the details you use on trivago:
    • Check the information you have entered there as 'Property Name"
    • Check you have entered your address details under 'Location'. Make sure they are exactly the same as the address details you have on trivago.
  • trivago requires the use of a tracking pixel to show you your performance data. The tracking pixel is automatically included on the Beds24 confirmation page. If you use your own confirmation page meaning you have specified a "Booking Return URL" in SETTINGS > BOOKING PAGE > PAGE DESIGN > BEHAVIOUR you will need to implement the tracking pixel on your confirmation page. What you need to do is explained here.

By default the booking page is opened when a guest click to book on Trivago. If you want the booking to take place on your embedded booking page on your web site you can set a "Booking Redirect" to this page in SETTINGS->PROPERTIES->LINK.

4.1 What we send


Rates and daily prices for offer 1 with the trivago channel selected are sent to trivago.

Tax and Extra fees

If you want to send obligatory additional taxes to trivago make sure they are set up as "obligatory tax" in SETTINGS->PROPERTIES->UPSELL ITEMS. All percentage upsell items except for the ones set to "refundable" defined for the property will be included.

Cancellation rules

trivago uses the cancellation rules set in the Beds24 system. The default is to never allow cancellations.

  • To allow cancellations go to SETTINGS->PROPERTIES->BOOKING RULES and change the setting for "Booking Cancellations by Guest"
  • We send offer 1 to trivago. To allow cancellations for offer 1 go to SETTINGS->PROPERTIES->ROOMS->OFFERS and change the setting for "Booking Cancellations by Guest"


  • The currency code sent to trivago is defined in SETTINGS -> PROPERTIES -> DESCRIPTION "Currency Code" and must be set to match your prices entered in Beds24.

4.2 Activation

  • Set "Synchronise" to "Booking (price inc. breakfast) if your prices include breakfast
  • Set "Synchronise" to "Booking (price exc. breakfast) if your prices are without breakfast

5 Common Errors

Beds24 is not automatically detected as IBE
Go to SETTINGS -> PROPERTIES -> DESCRIPTION and check the information you have entered there as 'Property Name" and also check you have entered your address details under 'Location'. Make sure they are exactly the same as the address details you have on trivago. 

If they are please contact trivago support and give them your Beds4 property ID.