Web Hooks

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This page is about the menu SETTINGS->APPS & INTEGRATIONS->ARRIVALS
This page is about the menu SETTINGS->APPS & INTEGRATIONS->WEBHOOKS

Send a web hook request to your service whenever a room type needs syncing because an availability or price has changed.

Enter the public facing URL to receive the request.

Optional headers can be specified for authentication or other purposes if required.

The web hook request expects an HTTP response code between 200 and 299, if it does not see this it will be retried a number of times over the next 30 minutes before giving up.

Web hooks are triggered by new bookings, modification to booked dates, cancellations, an inventory change or a price change on a room type.

Changes to restrictions like minimum stay do not trigger a web hook.

The web hook request payload contains json data in it's body with the roomId which triggered the request.

This can be used to keep external services synchronised with minimum delay whenever changes occur.

Typical JSON data posted by the web hook request:


You can add data in the "Custom Header" field like this: