Quick Setup

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To do a basic setup click on "Settings" in the top menu bar.

Step one

Fill in:

  • Admin Info
  • Property Info
  • Room Info
  • If you have more than one room type add another room
  • Add at least one rate per room

Step 2

Check your booking page

Step 3

Copy any of the WIDGETS to your website.

Step 4

Test everything is working and your done.

Beds24.com offers a mulitlingual booking page. To give your guests the option to book in their own language go to Acoount -> Languages and tick the languages you want to use. Make sure you enter all information also in the selected language.

If you want to set refined Booking Rules, Rates, Prices, Discounts, Upsell Items, use deposit collection through Paypal collect Credit Card details choose from the menu on the left.