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This page explains how to use and customise the DASHBOARD

If you are using the old version of the dashboard click on the "Try it" link. If you want to change back to the old version click on the icon and then on "Legacy Dashboard".

1 Summary

The dashboard shows you all relevant information on one screen and allows you to manage bookings and rooms:

  • Overview on bookings, arrivals, departures
  • Check-in and check-out, change or add information to bookings
  • Keep notes
  • Housekeeping module to manage cleaning and maintenance

To customise the dashboard click on the hamburger menu (☰) on the right and tick "Unlock".

2 Interactive Front Desk

2.1 Change or add Information to bookings

For the components "Arrivals", "Departures" and "Current Guests", "Modified Bookings", "Latest Bookings" you can add "CQ editable" custom question columns. These columns show the questions which are activated in (SETTINGS) PROPERTIES > BOOKING QUESTIONS and are editable.

If you view one property the column heading will show the name of the custom question. If you select a group or all properties only the custom question number can show because the custom questions could be different in each property.

2.2 Check guests in and check guests out

If you are using the components "Arrivals", "Departures" and "Current Guests" you can manage the check-in and check-out process from the dashboard and see which guests are currently checked-in. This video explains how to check guests in and how to check guests out:

Also you can always check a guest in by opening the booking and setting the info code "Checkin" in the "Info" tab.

In (SETTINGS) ACCOUNT > PREFERENCES "Check-in Rules" you can limit the check-in function for the Dashboard modules.

3 Analytics and Information

4 Customize Dashboard

The dashboard is fully customisable. You can choose which content to display, where to display it and set the size of each component on the dashboard.

  • To customise the dashboard click on the hamburger menu (☰) on the right and tick "Unlock".
  • To customise the individual component use the menu in the right corner of the box (⋮).

This video explains how to customise the dashboard:

4.1 Add content

You can add components from the selection in the drop down menu. Choose from:

  • Components

These are specially constructed reports

You have the option to select one or all properties (if you have multiple) and choose which columns to see. The order of the columns is also customisable. Some components allow you to perform actions like check a guest in or check a guest out directly from the dashboard.

  • Custom Reports

Create the report in REPORTS->CUSTOM REPORTS. If you want to use a custom report on the dashboard set it "Layout" = tabular.

You have the option to select one or all properties (if you have multiple)

Select the Custom report from the list. The display on the Dashboard will show the Report Name you entered in REPORTS->CUSTOM REPORTS.

  • Graphs

You have the option to select one or all properties (if you have multiple) and the period you want to see.

  • Housekeeping

You can change the status and add a note if required. The changes you make in this components will reflect in the CALENDAR. The default statuses can be changed in (SETTINGS) ACCOUNT->PREFERENCES under "Unit Status Presets".

The Housekeeping component "Units" shows you a list of your units. The status of the units is unrelated to bookings.

The Housekeeping component "Bookings" shows a list of your units and the status of the unit related to the bookings.

  • Potential Issues

Issues with your set up which you should address to avoid problems.

You have the option to select one or all properties (if you have multiple).

  • Standard Reports

You have the option to select one or all properties (if you have multiple) and the period you want to see. Then change the settings via the menu in the component.

  • Statistics

For most Statistics you can change the period you want to see.

  • Notes

An editable notes field which allows also to add HTML. You can also use it to embed information from other systems via an Iframe. Some ideas on what to use this option for:

  • Google doc, sheet or form
  • calendar
  • information from the tourist office
  • weather

The display of many components on one dashboard can affect the performance. Consider using multiple dashboards instead.

4.1.1 External content

You can use the "Notes" module on the Dashboard to integrate content from an external system (ie. task management, calendars, weather forecast) via an iFrame.

  • Click on "Edit"
  • Click on "Source"
  • Add the iframe in following format replacing the "" with the URL of the page you want to embed:

<iframe frameborder="0" height="500" src="" style="width: 100%;" scrolling="no" ></iframe>

  • If required also adjust the "height" value.

4.1.2 Arrange content

  • Drag and drop components to position them where you want.
  • Resize component

4.2 Remove content

Remove components clicking into the right menu of the element and then on "Remove Component".

4.2.1 Add/remove columns in a component

Click on Component you wish to change, click on the 3 vertical dots, go to 'Columns' and tick/untick the columns you wish to add/remove from your component.

4.3 Multiple Properties =

If you have multiple properties you can choose to show one component for each property.

If required you can add a column "Property" to show the property name.

4.4 Save changes=

Make sure you lock the screen when you are done by clicking "Unlock" again to avoid accidental changes.

4.5 Restore Default=

To restore the default remove all content then refresh the page.

4.6 Dashboards in sub accounts

If you have sub accounts you can use the "Clone" function to make custom dashboards available in other accounts.

Click on the 'User' icon on the top right and then on 'Account Management (in the old control panel SUB ACCOUNT in the top right) and select 'Clone Account Settings' button.

5 Multiple dashboards / multiple devices / mobiles use

If required you can set up multiple screens for example for desktop and mobile view. You can rename each of your dashboards. Cookies are used to remember which dashboard was last viewed on a device.

6 Troubleshooting

Locking and unlocking does not work
If you are using "Private Mode" on your browser locking and unlocking the screen might now work.
Notes Module  shows unable to 'edit'
Check you have the Notes Module only once. Multiple same note widgets on the same dashboard are not supported.

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