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Beds24 Webinars

1 Upcoming Webinars

1.1 Getting started with Beds24

In this webinar we will show you what Beds24 can do for your and how it works. After the presentation we will answer your questions.

  • Key Functionalities
  • Walk through the control panel
  • How to get help
  • Q&A
Date & Time: January 4th 18:00pm Amsterdam, Berlin, Paris, Rome, Stockholm, Vienna, 5:00pm London, Lisbon, 7:00pm Athens, 12:00am New York

Date & Time: June 20th 11:00am Amsterdam, Berlin, Paris, Rome, Stockholm, Vienna, 10:00am London, Lisbon, 12:00am Athens, 5:00pm Bali, 7:00pm Sydney

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2 What's new and what's cooking

Date & Time: May 30th 11:00 a.m. (Amsterdam, Berlin, Paris, Rome, Stockholm, Vienna)

In this webinar we will show you the latest feature releases new features in development and you will also have the option to ask questions.

Register: Click to register for this webinar

3 How to participate

Click on the registration link above to register.

You will then receive an Email with the webinar link. The animation below shows you how you can join the webinar from your browser without a Zoom account.

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4 Previous Webinars

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4.7 What's new 2021-09-29

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4.9 How to customize your booking page

4.10 Joint webinar with Google: Google Free Booking Links - A free way to reach and connect with potential customers

Google Webinar Guidebook

Contact Google Business Profile support

4.11 Self-onboard to VRBO to reach high value customers

4.12 Joint webinar with Expedia Group: 3 Actionable Ways to Drive More Revenue

4.13 Bookings from Google 2021-08-24

4.14 Auto Actions 2021-08-10

4.15 Stripe & Pending Payments 2021-07-06

4.16 Reports 2021-06-29

4.17 What's new 2021-04-07

4.18 Airbnb & Beds24: Road to Recovery 2021-03-04

4.19 Pricelabs & Beds24: Managing Prices and Restrictions while Markets recover 2020-10-06