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Godo Pronto Housekeeping
This page is about the menu  (SETTINGS) APPS & INTEGRATIONS > PRONTO and explains how to set up a connection with Pronto Housekeeping

1 General Information

Godo Pronto simplifies housekeeping, maintenance, and task management. Pronto gives a real-time overview of your properties that makes it easy to organize and track progress. Managers and staff can work together using a web solution and mobile devices, works on iOS and Android. For more information click here

The Basic subscription plan for Pronto is free. Other subscription plans have a fixed monthly fee.

For Beds24 normal channel manager fees apply.

2 Capabilities

Pronto core features are:

  • Real-time housekeeping dashboard
  • Capture issues in seconds
  • Assign tasks to your team

3 Set up

Step 1: Activate Rooms

Click the checkbox for Room ID's you want to synchronize then press SAVE.

Step 2: Create a Pronto account

Click on "Connect to Pronto"

Press the "Start my free account" button and then follow the Pronto guided setup.

4 How it works

When you create your account, Pronto fetches all rooms/units in Beds24 and bookings related to the rooms. The real-time housekeeping dashboard will now display up-to-date booking status. Changes in bookings are hereafter synchronized every 5 min.

5 Disconnect

To stop Beds24 sending data untick the check boxes in (SETTINGS) APPS & INTEGRATIONS > PRONTO Open the Pronto app page https://property.godo.is/control3.php?pagetype=syncronisergodopronto and click the checkbox for Room ID's you want to stop synchronizing.