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This page explains how to connect a PMS to Beds24 for Channel Management

1 API setup

Create an API Key for your Beds24 account at Settings > Account > Account Access

For extra security also whitelabel your IP address to prevent access from unauthorized IP addresses.

Access to most API functions will require the API Key and the PROP Key for the property being accessed.

There are usage limits on the API so design your system to avoid unnecessary and minimize the frequency of API calls.

2 Create Properties

Properties can be created manually within your Beds24 account or via API

Use JSON createProperties to create properties via API.

Set a PROP Key for the property when creating it so it can be accessed later via API.

3 Setup Price and Channel Mapping

Prices are defined in up to 16 daily price rows per room type.

Each row can be defined with an occupancy and minimum stay and sent to any combination of channels.

This means for each date can have up to 16 different prices for combinations of occupancy, minimum stay and channel.

Use JSON setDailyPriceSetup to create the daily price rows and map them to channels, including any rate codes.

4 Channel Mapping

5 Send Price and Inventory

6 Booking Notification

7 Booking Detail

8 Booking Modification