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This page is about the menu  (SETTINGS) CHANNEL MANAGER > OTA CHANNEL

The OTA channel is a generic channel in the channel manager menu.

OTA's can make a connection to the OTA channel and users can easily enable and manage access to their properties.

https://api.beds24.com/ota/OTA_HotelAvail - OTA_HotelAvail can be used to periodically reat OTA price and availability for storing in the OTA system.

https://api.beds24.com/ota/JSON_HotelAvail - JSON_HotelAvail is similar to OTA_HotelAvail but uses a JSON data format.

https://api.beds24.com/ota/OTA_HotelRes - OTA_HotelRes can be used to create a booking in Beds24.

The HotelAvail functions are designed for occasional polling and storing the data in the OTA for use. They are not suitable for live requests from a booking page.

https://api.beds24.com/json/getAvailabilities - JSON getAvailabilities can be used after collecting booking dates and room etc. from a guest to make a last minute live check of availability and price before confirming a booking in the OTA.

Webhooks can be setup at the menu Apps & Integrations > Webhooks to notify the OTA when inventory for a room type has changed. This can be used to make polls to HotelAvail for updated data in a timely and efficient manner.