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This page is about the menu  (SETTINGS) CHANNEL MANAGER > Ostrovok and explains how the connection with Ostrovok works and how to set it up.


1 General

2 Capabilities

  • Beds24.com can export inventory.
  • Beds24.com can export multiple rates.
  • Beds24.com can import bookings.
  • Beds24.com can import booking cancellations.
  • Importing cancellations can be disabled for individual bookings.

For details please click here

The connection can update following Ostrovok brands: Ostrovok, Ostrovok B2B, RateHawk, Zenhotels.

3 Limitations

  • Only bookings made after the connection is established will be imported, existing bookings must be manually entered into Beds24 to block the dates.

4 Before you connect


  • We can only send availability if you have set up prices which are activated for this channel. This tutorial gives general information how to set prices for channels.
  • Prices for "Extra Person", "Extra child" and discounts set in the "Discounts" tab of the rates can not be sent.
  • If you use daily prices with "Extra Person" prices your daily price needs to be set for the max occupancy and the "Extra Person" price needs to be added with a negative value so the price for the full occupancy can send.


New Bookings are imported.

Existing bookings are not automatically imported when the connection is established and should be entered into Beds24 manually.

Extras and Taxes

"Upsell Items" can not be exported.

Rooms and room types

If you sell rooms individually at another channel or your own web site and want to sell them here as a "roomtype" with a quantity of more than one you can set up virtual roooms.

4.1 What you will need

The Ostrovok hotel id code for your property.

4.2 Set Up

4.2.1 Ostrovok

Log into the Ostrovok extranet https://extranet.ostrovok.ru, using you login and password and go to tab «Hotel», then «General Info where you will find «Channel manager» at the bottom of the page

  • If the you want to connect the property first time: choose Beds24 from the drop-down menu. Please check the availability of the icon «Channel manager» on the top of the page.
  • If you want to change Channel manager: press the button «Deactivate», then choose Beds24 from the drop-down menu;

4.2.2 Beds24

  • Enter your Ostrovok hotel id
  • Set the currency. If you are using different currencies on Ostrovok and on Beds24 you can use the price multiplier (see below)

Map Rooms:

  • Click on the "Get Code" link next to the room type id setting.
  • Choose the Ostrovok room id you want to map to each Beds24 room and click on it.
  • When the correct room id has copied to the room type id setting, click Save.

Agoda room mapping.png view large

Map Rates:

  • Click on the "Get Code" link next to the rate plan id setting.
  • Choose the Ostrovok standard rate for this room and click on it
  • When the correct rate plan id has copied to the rate plan id setting.
  • Click SAVE

Agoda standard rate mapping.png view large

Beds24 can send a single (1 person), double (2 guests) and room price which is will apply for the maximum occupancy.

If you need prices for more occupancies talk to Ostrovok and ask them if the can set up additional rate Ids for you.  Beds24  can send a different price to each rate ID.   Please use these instructions.

Click on the "View Actual Data" Button to check which prices and availability will send. Prices that had already been set in HRS be overridden but cannot be removed. If no prices have are sent from Beds24, no availability is sent, but the which originally was in HRS is displayed.

5 Activate

  • Tick "Inventory", "Prices" and "Bookings"
  • Save

Agoda activation.png view large

5.1 Bookings

New Bookings are imported. Cancellations to bookings are also imported.

Existing bookings are not automatically imported when the connection is established and should be entered into Beds24 manually.

5.2 Multiple Rates

Multiple rates can be created for each date, for example to send prices for different occupancies, minimum stays, meal options or refundable and non-refundable prices.

Ostrovok can set up multiple rate plan ids for each room, each with pre-defined booking conditions. Beds24 can map a different Beds24 rate or offer to each Ostrovok rate. If you do not have the appropriate rate plan ids you need to request Ostrovok to add them.

  • Click on the "Get the Ostrovok Room and Rate Codes for this Property Code" link to view all mapping codes for this property.

Multiple Rate Ids using Rates

Each Beds24 rate can be mapped to any valid Ostrovok rate plan id that is active and not derived or linked. On the CHANNEL tab of each Beds24 rate is a setting to enter an Ostrovok rate plan id. If this setting is left blank, the rate plan id defined in the Beds24 channel manager settings for Ostrovok will be used. If the Beds24 rate should be mapped to an alternative Ostrovok rate plan id, enter the Ostrovok rate plan id here.

Agoda rate mapping.png [[Media::Agoda_rate_mapping.png|view large]]

If you have linked a rate to be used for other offers or rooms use the selector to choose the room you want to map.

Channel linked.png view large

Multiple Rate Ids using Offers or Daily Prices

Beds24 supports up to four price "offers" for each room. Each of the four offers can be mapped to a different Ostrovok rate plan id. This is particularly useful when mapping daily prices to Ostrovok.

To define the Ostrovok rate plan id for each offer, separate the rate plan ids with colons. For example the following Beds24 rate plan id setting will map offer 1 to rate plan id 11111, offer 2 to rate plan id 22222, offer 3 to rate plan id 33333 and offer 4 to rate plan id 44444:


If offer 1 is used only for the Beds24 booking page and only offers 2,3 and 4 are used for Ostrovok leave the first rate plan id blank and start with a colon. For example :22222:33333:44444

The settings for daily prices allow each daily price row to be assigned to a specific offer and therefore mappable to different Ostrovok rate plan ids

Same Price to Multiple Rate Plan Ids

If a Beds24 price should be sent to multiple Ostrovok rate plan ids, the multiple rate plan ids can be entered with a comma separating them. For example '12345678,123456789

This can be used to allow a daily price set to "Do not allow lower prices" to override multiple Ostrovok rate plan ids. If the comma separated rate plan ids are defined in the channel manager rate plan id setting and each individual Beds24 rate contains it's specific Ostrovok rate plan id, each rate will be mapped to it's rate plan id and daily prices will be mapped to all the specified rate plan ids, over-riding the rate price when appropriate.

5.3 Price Multiplier

If you want to add a multiplier to your prices, for example because of a different currency to your Beds24 currency, add a * followed by the multiplier number to your hotel Id.

For example a property code setting 123456*12.34 will multiply all prices by 12.34 sent for hotel id 123456.

You can also use currency conversion template variable. All currencies supported by the booking page currency selector can be used.

For example *[CONVERT:IDR-EUR] will convert Indonesian Rupees to Euros.

Example: *[CONVERT:IDR-EUR][/]0.85 will convert Indonesian Rupees to Euros and divides the price by 0.85 which raises it by circa 15%

6 Check Connection

The connection is working if you are not receiving error messages and the display in the channel is correct. If you are receiving error messages check in the "Common Errors" section why you are receiving the error and how to fix it.

7 Updates

Changes to availability and prices will be instantly sent to the channel. Changes for settings for example minimum stays or number of rooms will send with the next update. Click on "Update" if you want to push them through instantly.

8 Notes

9 Common Errors

Any errors occurring during updates will be emailed to you with the error message as returned by Ostrovok. Below are common error messages and how to fix them.

You have no permissions to modify rates with ids:.....
You have entered numbers which are not valid Ostrovok rate Ids. Please double check your rate ids and enter only valid Ostrovok Rate Ids.

10 Disconnect

  • Unticking "Inventory" and "Prices" and "Bookings" will stop the synchronisation for a room.
  • Log into the Ostrovok extranet https://extranet.ostrovok.ru, using you login and password and go to tab «Hotel», then «General Info where you will find «Channel manager» at the bottom of the page and press the button «Deactivate».