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== '''Coming Soon!''' ==
This  page explains how to use and customise the responsive version (beta) of the booking page.
The design of the responsive booking page is fully modular. This allows you to fully control the layout. We provide a set of default layouts which can be used as they are.
== 1. Use Responsive Booking Page==
Go to SETTINGS->BOOKING PAGE and select "Booking Page Version" = Responsive. This setting will activate Layout 1.
If you are switching from the adaptive version of the booking page to the responsive version most customisations will be automatically applied.
== 2. Choose a different Layout==
Go to SETTINGS->BOOKING PAGE->LAYOUT and set the selector
.... to the layout you want to use.
== Customise Layouts ==
The booking page consists of:
1. Sections
[[Media:sections.jpg|view large]]
2. Rows
Each section can have one or more rows.
3. Modules

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