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RezIntel Website Builder
This page is about the menu  (SETTINGS) APPS & INTEGRATIONS > REZINTEL and explains how to connect to the Rezintel website builder

1 General

RezIntel allows Beds24 users to create a website directly from the content you already have entered or are about to enter into Beds24.

To use this service you will need an account with RezIntel. RezIntel offers all Beds24 users a 14 day free trial.

For Beds24 the normal channel manager fees apply.

2 Capabilities

Using API/XML Connectivity the information about your business you have entered into Beds24 will be uploaded and updated into your RezIntel - Sitebuilder Website on a daily basis.

This includes content, availability, pricing and payment information.


3 Limitations

4 Set Up

To set up your trial RezIntel will need the following information

  • You web address
  • Your Beds24 Account Number (Owner id) found at (SETTINGS) > ACCOUNT

Step 1: Register with RezIntel

Go to to complete the registration form.

Once complete RezIntel will create your development site.

You will be notified once your site is ready, simply follow the link below to ensure that you have completed all the information needed.

Step 2: Connect Beds24 to RezIntel

Go to (SETTINGS) APPS & INTEGRATIONS > REZINTEL and set "Synchronise" = Enable for every room you want to see on your website.

Press SAVE.

Step 3: Create your website

For detailed information on how to create your website please see here and check the RezIntel help.

5 Add content in Beds24 to show in RezIntel:



-Add Features in (SETTINGS) PROPERTIES > DESCRIPTION for one room property

-Add Features in *(SETTINGS) PROPERTIES > ROOMS > SETUP for a multi room property

-Define in *(SETTINGS) CHANNEL MANAGER > AIRBNB > SPECIFIC CONTENT under Pricing the Guests Included

-Location entered in *(SETTINGS) PROPERTIES > DESCRIPTION will be send

-You can send to Rezintel also the General Policy and Cancellation Policy defined in *(SETTINGS) PROPERTIES > DESCRIPTION


6 How to to use the RezIntel - Sitebuilder CMS

See a variety of Videos on how to use the Sitebuilder here..

7 Bookings:

Bookings will be entered with Original Referrer:

8 Updates

RezIntel will automatically update your website on a daily basis.

If you need to boost the update then add /properties/?rebuild=true or /book-now/?save=1 following after your web address. Examples:

The first link will update all the property information, the second will update the availability.

9 Common Problems

10 Disconnect

  • Untick "Enable" to stop sending bookings.