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Gap Filler
This page explains how to fill gaps resulting from minimum stay rules.

1 Functionality

If you have minimum stays you can use an additional "gap filler" rate to close gaps. A minimum stay and a maximum stay will narrow the gap. Bookings are only possible for the number of days defined by the min and max stay and only if there is a booking gap. If you have a room type with several units, this is only the case if only one is free which has a gap and all the others are occupied.

To use a rate a "Gap Fill" set "Restriction Strategy" = "Gap Fill ("Summary tab of your RATE)

The gap filler does not work if you use "Do not allow lower prices or shorter stays" as strategy. Also make sure the minimum stay in the (SETTINGS) PROPERTIES->ROOMS->SETUP is the same or lower as in the gap filler and you do not have manually entered higher minimum stays in the calendar.

2 Set up

2.1 Example 1: Two night minimum stay but allow selling single nights if the night before and the night after is booked

A typical situation for a two night minimum stay strategy is to end up with with single nights that cannot be sold because the night before and the night after is booked.

  • set minimum stay to 1
  • set maximum stay to 1

A rate with the strategy set to "Gap Fill" will only be applied on a date if the number of consecutive nights of availability are less than or equal to the rates maximum stay setting.

This means setting the maximum stay to one will only allow this rate if only one day is available.

Using a gap fill in conjunction with your normal minimum stay rates will automatically open individual nights if they are available but not bookable due to the minimum stay restriction.

The Gap fill rate has it's own price which can be higher lower or the same as your normal rate.

2.2 Example 2: Other rates set a three night minimum stay but allow selling two nights if there is a two night gap

  • set minimum stay to 2
  • set maximum stay to 2

2.3 Example 3: Other rates set a seven night minimum stay but allow selling three to six nights if there is a six night gap

  • set minimum stay to 3
  • set maximum stay to 6