Sending data to SEF

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Sending data to SEF
This page explains how to transmit data to SEF (Portuguese Immigration and Border Service)

In Portugal the SEF ( Portuguese Immigration and Border Service) requires that accommodation establishments record the stay and collect identification details from all foreign citizens, whether they are from Member States of the European Union or Third Country Nationals, in order to communicate them within three days to SEF Immigration and Borders Service.

Currently Beds24 does not offer a connection to the SEF portal however we did find a tool that you can use to automatically communicate this details to SEF. You have two options:

1 Custom Report

You can create custom questions in SETTINGS- > PROPERTIES-> BOOKING QUESTIONS for your guests to complete during the booking process and then you can run a Custom Report to export the information from to send to the appropriate authorities.

2 Third party service provides a free tool which allows you to send data automatically.

Please note we cannot offer any grantees, and you use this tool at your own risk !

How it works:

  • Each guest fills out an online form.
  • The data is recorded in the spreadsheet.
  • On the day after check-in the spreadsheet can automatically send the data to the SEF without delays or worries

What do I need ?

  • You need a Google account/Gmail account ([email protected]) because we will use the Google Spreadsheet tools and a Google Form. (Creating a Gmail account is easy and free.)
  • You will have to send an email to SEF ([email protected]) asking for the change to the method of sending the accommodation bulletin for "Web service", mentioning the NIF associated with the accommodation. It should take 24 hours to get the answer.


  • Go to this spreadsheet and then copy it to your "Drive". Just go to the menu bar, click "File"(Top left corner) and then "Make copy".
  • This will create 2 files on your Google Drive
  • Open the spreadsheet and click on the tab "Perfil" (Lower Left Corner)
  • Fill in your SEF details exactly as you registered on the SEF website.
  • Choose if you want it to send automatically or manually, when you change this option or when you first send the data to SEF you need to allow the SEF app to access your file.
  • Create a Auto Action to send out the Link to the form for your guests to fill in.


  • Please do not forget to request SEF to change your connection type to "Web Service", you need to do this only if you already registered a property on the SEF website, for new properties you can choose the "WEB Service" connection. You can request the change of the connection type by sending a email to ([email protected]).
  • Do not change the order of the "Profile" or "Form Responses" worksheet tabs.
  • Do not add fields to the questionnaire before the questions required for SEF or spreadsheet