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This page explains how to set currencies

1 Default currency

You can set the system to display any (one) currency. If you are using multiple properties you can set a different currency for each in (SETTINGS) PROPERTIES > DESCRIPTION.

2 Multiple currencies

If you need to manage bookings in another currency than your default currency you can create an "invoicee" for the additional currency and assign the charges to it. For more information on the invoice function please see here.

3 Currency displayed on Booking page

The booking page will display the "Currency Code" and the "Currency Symbol" set in (SETTINGS) PROPERTIES > DESCRIPTION.

If you are using the responsive version of the booking page you can activate a currency converter to convert your prices into different currencies.

4 Currency for Payment Collection

The "API Currency Code" sets the currency to collect deposits. It must be set to the same currency you have used for your prices. If your currency is not in listed please check if the your payment gateway accepts it then notify us.

5 Currency for Channel Management

If you are using booking channels which require a different than your standard currency you can add a multiplier to prices to convert to a different currency. For some channels you will need to set the currency directly in the channel manager settings.

6 Currency and Invoices

Smart template variables are available to auto convert the values from the booking into another currency.

You can use the "Status" field in the "Charges and Payments" tab of the booking if you need to display a second currency. Use [INVOICETABLE2] to show both currencies.