Setting Prices for Booking Channels

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This page explains how to set different prices for  booking channels

The system can send prices to many booking channels. For capabilities please check this page.


The "Channels" tab of the rate defines where a rate is used.

Channel-Manager-Rates.png view large

  • If you want to use a rate only on your own web site untick all channels.
  • If you want to us a rate only for channel management untick "Beds24" and "Beds24 Agents".

Multiple Rates

You have the option to create a special rate for one or each channel and your web site.

1. Rate for your web site

  • Create a rate clicking on "Add Rate" in the RATES menu
  • Go to the "Channels" tab of the rate and make sure "Beds24" is ticked but not the channels you do not want to use the rate for

2. Rate for the booking channel

  • Create a your rate clicking on "Add Rate" in the RATES menu
  • Only per night prices can be sent to booking channels so make sure "Prices per" is set to "Night"
  • Go to the "Channels" tab of the rate and make sure "Beds24" is unticked and the channels you want to send the rate to are ticked

Rate Strategy: You can set three different values:

  • Allow lower prices - this is the default and will always apply the lowest price for the guests selection
  • Do not allow lower prices - if you use multiple rate codes this blocks only this rate code
  • Do not allow any other prices - if you use multiple rate codes this blocks all other rate codes

Using the Export Price

  • Open the rate and go to the "Channels" tab
  • Enter the price you want to send to the channels in the filed "Export Price"
  • Set "Channel Management" = "Use Export Price"

Channel-Manager-Export-Price.png view large

When you go to RATES in the top menu you will see a list of all rates activated for channels.

NOTE: Only price "Per Day" can be sent to OTAs so make sure that "Price Per" is set to "Day" in all rates you want to send to OTAs. 

Price Multiplier

For many channels you can add multiplier to your prices, for example because the channel requires a different currency to your Beds24 currency.

For some channels we can also convert the prices of bookings imported back to the currency you use in Beds24.

Check the instructions for the channel if this feature is supported. If the instructions do not mention the option to add a multiplier please send us a support ticket (click on HELP in the top right in the channel page in the control panel) and we will see if we can add it.

Referrer discount

You can set a referrer discount in the discounts tab of the rate.

These discounts apply t bookings originating from a certain source e.g. website or link. You can see the referrer (e.g. iframe for bookings from an embedded booking page, facebook, ) in the "Referrer" column of the BOOKINGS list. Have a look here for information on how to set a referrer code for widgets.

Daily Prices

You can specify one price row for channel management and one for your own web site. Go to SETTINGS->PROPERTIES->ROOMS->DAILY PRICES and define which price row is used for channel management. Then set up your prices in the CALENDAR.

Channel-Manager-Daily-Prices.png view large

Daily Prices have limitations when it comes to sending them to the channels. You can either send them or not send them but you can not control which channels you send them to. If you want to send different prices to different channels you need to use rates.

Use Daily Prices to override rates

If activated for channel management Daily Price 1 will override the rate Id you have entered in the channel manager settings. Make sure "Daily Price Strategy" set in SETTINGS->PROPERTIES->BOOKING RULES has the appropriate setting. In most cases this would be "Do not allow any other Rates".

If you have multiple rate Ids:

  • Map your rate Ids as described in the "Multiple Rates using Daily Prices" sections of the channels set up instructions.
  • Go to SETTINGS-PROEPRTIES-ROOM-DAILY PRICES and activate "Daily Price 2 " for channel management and set it to "Offer 2". Daily Price 2 will now sent to the second rate Id you have mapped. If you have more rate Ids do the same for Daily Price 3 and 4.
  • When you go to the CALENDAR you will see a additional price rows where you can enter the price to override your second rate Ids.

Multiple rates for channels

Some channels support multiple rates for example refundable/non refundable, standard/last minute/early bird, prices for different occupancies. The capabilities depend on the channel and are explained on the help page for each channel.

The prices will only be sent to the channels you have activated in the channel manger settings.