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Stripe - Auto Process Channel Virtual Cards
This page is about the menu  (SETTINGS) PAYMENTS > PAYMENT GATEWAYS > STRIPE and automatic payment collection for OTA Virtual Cards and explains how to setup the channels to automatically collect a payment from Virtual Credit Cards

1 Use

You can use this method if:

You have a Stripe account and you have connected it to your property.


You connect to, Expedia and Agoda. (Channels that provide virtual credit cards).

2 How it works

The channels collect the payment from the guest and send you a virtual credit card that can be sent to Stripe with the payment date set.

When the booking is imported from the Channel, there will be a Pending Payment automatically added to the booking with the payment collection date set

3 Set up

Step 1: Setup Stripe Account


Stripe is compatible with the pending payments auto charge function and direct charging a stored card from bookings, when you connect via the ‘Connect’ Button.

  • Click Connect Button. If you have multiple Stripe Accounts, ensure you connect to the correct Stripe account in your Stripe dashboard.
  • Set Enable/Priority - if you plan to use multiple Payment gateways, set the number based on the order on the payment page.
  • Save all cards to Stripe = Yes.
  • Capture = Yes, for your Beds24 booking page, this will collect the payment at the time of the booking.
  • Payment Description - Description for Stripe payments, template variables can be used. This description will be seen in the STRIPE dashboard, this is not visible to the Guest.
  • Title - Customise the title for this payment option.
  • Instruction - Create an optional description to appear next to the Stripe pay now button.

Step 2: Setup Auto Processing for the Channels.


Auto Payment Processing

  • Auto Process Virtual Cards = YES
  • Virtual Card Payment Rule (optional) - you can setup a Payment rule, however if the booking is cancelled, the channel will cancel the virtual payment.

Repeat this for each of the Channels that allow Auto Processing of virtual cards.

4 Credit Card details at Stripe

The card will be saved as a new customer in Stripe with the booking number as a reference. Once the new customer is created in Stripe the card can be charged.

Multiple cards can be sent for each Stripe customer and a specific one selected when charging.

Stripe will only accept valid cards. If Stripe reject the card, it's details will still be visible at Beds24.

Info Codes in the "Info" tab of the booking show you which action was performed.

Code Use
CARDTOSTRIPE card details were sent to Stripe
STRIPEPAYMENT payment imported from Stripe
STRIPEFAIL card could not be sent to Stripe
CARDEXPIRES added when the card expires before check-in
STRIPEAUTHORIZE payment has been authorised by Stripe
CARDFAILSTRIPE card has failed at Stripe, see the note for reason