Stripe Channel Virtual Cards

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Stripe - Auto Process Channel Virtual Cards
This page is about the menu  (SETTINGS) PAYMENTS > PAYMENT GATEWAYS > STRIPE and automatic payment collection for OTA Virtual Cards and explains how to setup the channels to automatically collect a payment from Virtual Credit Cards

1 Use

You can use this method if:

You have a Stripe account and you have connected it to your property.


You connect to, Expedia and Agoda. (Channels that provide virtual credit cards).

2 How it works

The channels collect the payment from the guest and send you a virtual credit card that can be sent to Stripe with the payment date set.

When the booking is imported from the Channel, there will be a Pending Payment automatically added to the booking with the payment collection date set

3 Set up

Step 1: Setup Stripe Account


Stripe is compatible with the pending payments auto charge function and direct charging a stored card from bookings, when you connect via the ‘Connect’ Button.

  • Click Connect Button. If you have multiple Stripe Accounts, ensure you connect to the correct Stripe account in your Stripe dashboard.
  • Set Enable/Priority - if you plan to use multiple Payment gateways, set the number based on the order on the payment page.
  • Save all cards to Stripe = Yes.
  • Capture = Yes, for your Beds24 booking page, this will collect the payment at the time of the booking.
  • Payment Description - Description for Stripe payments, template variables can be used. This description will be seen in the STRIPE dashboard, this is not visible to the Guest.
  • Title - Customise the title for this payment option.
  • Instruction - Create an optional description to appear next to the Stripe pay now button.

Step 2: Setup Auto Processing for the Channels.


Auto Payment Processing

  • Auto Process Virtual Cards = YES
  • Virtual Card Payment Rule (optional) - you can setup a Payment rule, however if the booking is cancelled, the channel will cancel the virtual payment.

Repeat this for each of the Channels that allow Auto Processing of virtual cards.