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Create a waitlist
This page explains how to create manage waitlist bookings.

1 Create Waitlist bookings

This is how you can add bookings even though you have no availability:

Step 1: Click on "Add Booking"

Step 2: Set the "Status"= Request (first selector) Waitlist (second Selector)

The room will now show ovebooked. If you do not want to show the room overbooked you can either set "Bookings with Request Status" = Do not block the room (SETTINGS) PROPERTIES > BOOKING RULES) or set the "Status"= Cancelled (first selector) Waitlist (second Selector) and apply a "Flag" so you can differentiate them from real cancellations.

Waitlist.gif view large

2 Manage Waitlist bookings

You can set up a custom report in REPORTS > CUSTOM REPORTS which you can add to your Dashboard for all bookings which contain the "Substatus" = Waitlist.