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Error messages from channels
This page explains what to do if you receive error messages from booking channels

If a connection is not working the channel is sending error messages which we forward to you by Email. Follow the steps to solve the channel errors:

Step 1: Find out what the error is

Open the Email and error message we sent you, have a look at the section where you see

= = = = ERROR MESSAGE STARTS = = = =

This is the text of the error message.

= = = = ERROR MESSAGE ENDS = = = =

Step 2: Open the help page for the channel which sends the error

Go to (SETTINGS) ->CHANNEL MANAGER > and open the page for the channel you are receiving the error message and click on the top right help icon to open the channel help page or use the links below:

Links to common errors for selected channels
Agoda common errors AirBnb common errors Booking.com common errors
Ctrip common errors Expedia common errors Hotelbeds Common Errors
Hostelworld common errors HRS common errors Triaveloka common errors

Step 3: Find the error on the help page Go to the section Common Errors and search for the error text from the Email.

If you do not find the error on the channel help page send us a support ticket via the SUPPORT button in the top of your control panel.

Step 4: Fix the error

Follow the instruction on how to fix the error.

Step 5: Check if the error is fixed

If the error messages stop the error is fixed.