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Collect Bitcoin deposit payments.

1 Set up

Step 1: Create a token

Log into your Bitpay account and generate a standard pos facade token directly from the BitPay dashboard (make sure "Require Authentication" is disabled)

Step 2: Enter token in Beds24

Paste the token you have generated into the "Token" field.

Step 3: Set a "Title" and "Instruction" (optional)

You can customise the title for this payment option and/or add a descriptive text to appear next to the "Pay Now" button

Step 4: Activate connection

Change the setting for "Enable / Priority" "Enable" then press SAVE

If you allow more than one payment option the number sets the order in which the payment option will be shown on your booking page. If you allow only one payment option you can use any number for activation.

2 Collect deposit for direct bookings at time of the booking

Use this instruction to set up deposit collection from your booking page.

3 Send payment request

Use this instruction to create payment requests.

4 How it works

At the time of booking the system will communicate the deposit amount in your local currency to Bitpay.

Bitpay will convert this amount to Bitcoins and ask the guest for payment.

Once paid the Bitcoins will appear in your Bitpay account.

Bitpay offer the ability to instantly convert the Bitcoins into your local currency so you are not exposed to Bitcoin value fluctuations.