Booking Questions

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Booking Questions
This page is about the menu  (SETTINGS)  PROPERTIES > BOOKING QUESTIONS

1 Functionality

You can set up questions to collect the information you require from guests. For each question you have these options:

  • Not used - This field will not appear on your booking page.
  • Compulsory - A manual booking or a booking on the booking pace can not can not be completed without entering this information.
  • 'Compulsory' Booking Page - Your guests can not proceed the booking on the booking page without entering this information.
  • Optional - Show the field on your booking page but leave it to your guest to enter information or not.
  • Internal - This field will not appear on your booking page but is still available in the control panel to collect and store internal information about each booking.

2 Standard Questions

These are predefined questions to collect commonly used information.

Options with 'Guest can edit', - will be available in the Guest Login soon.

3 Custom Questions

Custom questions can be defined to request specific information e.g. age of children, allergies, etc.

Additionally, you can select the 'Type' of input field:

  • Single Line Field
  • Multi Line Field
  • Multiple List - This creates a list of choices with radio buttons. Format: Question [option 1][option 2][option 3]
  • Multiple Select - This creates a drop-down list of choices. Format: Question [option 1][option 2][option 3]
  • Tick Box - You can assign values to your tick box. Format: Question [Yes][No]. If ticked, 'Yes' is saved. If not ticked, 'No' is saved.
  • Date Selector

If you have enabled additional languages please make sure you enter the custom question in all languages you have selected.

In REPORTS > CUSTOM REPORTS you can create a report and use the answers to the custom questions

3.1 Use custom questions on the Dashboard

For the Dashboard components "Arrivals", "Departures" and "Current Guests", "Modified Bookings", "Latest Bookings" you can add "CQ editable" custom question columns. These columns show the questions which are activated and are editable.

3.2 Question Order

You can change the order in which the fields appear on your booking page. Just drag and drop or use the arrows.

4 Usage Examples for Custom Questions

4.1 Agreement to Terms and Conditions

If a Tick Box question is made compulsory the booking cannot proceed until the guest has ticked the box:

  • I agree to the terms and conditions [yes][no]

Using HTML formatting you can also embed a link to your terms and conditions:

  • I read the <a href="" target="_blank">Terms and Conditions</a> and agree to them [yes][no]

4.2 Creating a list for arrival and/or departure times

You can control the format of the arrival and departure times using custom questions.

Set up a custom question like this:

  • Arrival Time[12:00][12:30][01:00][01:30][02:00][02:30][03:00][03:30][04:00][04:30]05:00][05:30][06:00][06:30][07:00][07:30][08:00][08:30][09:00][09:30][10:00][10:30][11:00][11:30]

Make it Type = 'Multiple Select'.

This creates a drop-down list and leaves no room for formatting errors or inconsistencies.