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Collection of credit card details without charging as one of several payment options
This page is about the menu   (SETTINGS)  PAYMENTS > PAYMENT GATEWAYS >  CREDIT CARD 

If you want to give your guests the option to pay a deposit or leave their credit card details you can activate this option.

Card deposit.png view large

1. Enable the card you accept in SETTINGS -> PAYMENTS -> CREDIT CARD COLLECTION.


  • Activate this option setting the Enable / Priority selector to a number.
  • Enter the information how their card will be used in the "Instructions" settings. This message will also be shown to the guest as part of the confirmation message on the screen and will be included in the Email confirmation message to the guest.

If you use this method Beds24 will not charge the card. If required your can charge the card manually through your bank or merchant account and enter the payments manually in the "Charges and Payments" tab of the booking.

If leaving credit card details is the only option you want to give to your guests go to SETTINGS -> PROPERTIES -> CREDIT CARD COLLECTION and use the  Credit Card Collection help page.

We do not charge a deposit collection fee for this option.