Combine indivdual properties into one property with multiple rooms

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This page explains how to set up properties for channel management which have one property ID with mutliple rooms in one channel but a property ID for each room with another channel.

Example: You have set up individual properties but you want to showcase them under one property as well.

"Real" Properties

Go to SETTINGS->PROPERTIES and create three properties with one room each (or add two if you already have one).

"Virtual" Property

Go to SETTINGS->PROPERTIES and create a property (or use one you already have).

Go to SETTINGS->PROPERTIES->ROOMS->SETUP and create 3 rooms.

Dependency settings for the rooms in the "real" properties

Go to SETTINGS->PROPERTIES->ROOMS->DEPENDENCIES and use the following settings for the rooms in the "real" property to connect them to the virtual rooms:

  • Requires Availability in = select the corresponding room in the "virtual" property.
  • Combination Logic = Sum of all bookings
  • Dependency Level = Ignore Sub Dependencies
  • Assign Bookings to = Choose whether you want to see the booking in this room or in the corresponding room in the "virtual" property. If you want to see the bookings in both use "Include Bookings from" in the room to which the bookings are not assigned.


The rooms in the "real" and the rooms in the virtual property can have their own prices. If you want to use the same you can set them up for one room and set all the others to use these at SETTINGS->PROPERTIES->ROOMS->DEPENDENCIES->"Use Prices From"


If you manually add a booking you need to do this in the room which you have chosen to assign the bookings to.

 Note  Test dependencies carefully. If you are using dependencies please test thoroughly to make sure your set up reflects your rules. If you are connecting one physical room more than once to a booking channel you are risking overbookings.