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Booking Engine
This page is about the menu  (SETTINGS) > BOOKING ENGINE

1 How to install the booking engine

The booking engine allows to collect commission free direct bookings.

Tip This wizard guides you though the options you can set for your booking engine.

2 The Booking Page

The booking page is were guests make their booking. The booking page can be embedded into any web site via a code snippet we provide.

The current version of the booking page is "Responsive". Make sure both "Booking Page Version" and "Check-out Page Version" are set to "Responsive".

The booking page is fully customizable and you have the option to set up multiple layouts if required.

We provide 7 layouts which you can customize further. The layout which is set as "Default" will be used by default and if the Facebook App is used on Facebook.

Current default:

Layout 7

More layouts to choose from:

  • Layout 1

  • Layout 2

  • Layout 3

  • Layout 4

  • Layout 5

  • Layout 6

  • Layout 7

Tip We recommend you let our wizard guide you through the set up process.

3 Booking Widgets

Our widget designer allows you to create your own custom widgets which you can add to your web site.